Get To It! Community FAQ

What is the Get To It! Gifting Community?

The Get To It! Gifting Community is a network of like-minded and dedicated members striving to achieve financial freedom by recycling our own money. When you join the community, there is a $10 activation fee to set up your back office. There are five gifting levels:

  • Level 1: $25
  • Level 2: $100
  • Level 3: $500
  • Level 4: $1000
  • Level 5: $3000

How does it Work?

After a member joins the community and activates his/her back office and the member will select a level to be placed on. All of the members in our community begin at Level 1, which starts at $25. The new member will click one or more slots to be placed on and send a $25 gift for each slot to the member in the senior position.

Once the confirmation of the gift has been received by the senior, the board updates. As new members are added, the position of the new member goes from freshman all the way up to senior. Once a member reaches the senior position he/she receives $25 from eight other members, which will total $200 per slot.

Positions on the boards move as new members join, which is why it is recommended for members to share the link to our community with friends, family members, and/or social media. The marketing team promotes the Get To It! Community as well, so it is possible for members to move to higher positions with little to no effort. However, we always suggest members share our link along with their experience with others once they have received their gifts from within the community.

What method do you use in order to help members reach the senior position?

We use what is called a “rotator link.” All members of the community complete a form that will include their name, the name of their inviter, and their referral link. The referral links are placed into the rotator to ensure that all members have a fair opportunity to reach the senior position. Once a member reaches the senior position, their referral link is disabled until seven other members have received their gifts.

After eight members have received gifts from Level 1, the members will follow each other to Level 2 and repeat the exact same process. Freshman members in Level 2 will gift $100 to the senior for each slot they place themselves in. Once that freshman reaches the senior position, they will receive a $100 gift from eight other members, totaling $800. The senior position in Level 3 receives a gift of $500 from eight other members totaling $4000, the senior in Level 4 receives $1000 from eight other members totaling $8000, and the senior in Level 5 receives $3000 from eight other members totaling $24,000.

How do you address a board that is moving slower than other boards?

That’s a great question! We use the rotator to monitor how many clicks each referral link receives. We place the referral links with the least amount of clicks as a priority to even the playing field for all members in the community. Our goal is to help everyone in the community meet their financial goals. In the interim, all members have direct access to management for any questions or concerns they may have regarding their board.

Does the Get To It! Community offer any other opportunities to help people achieve their financial goals?

Absolutely! We have opportunities for people to acquire free stocks with an investment of $100 or less. This is a perfect opportunity to take some of the profits that you acquire within our community and truly invest in your future.

We live in a world that is unpredictable and we encourage people to gain financial literacy and invest in their future. If you’d like to know more, please click the button below: