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Hello Beautiful People! I am an affiliate with Amazon and I receive a small commission on any products that you click on within this page, but here is the thing… I didn’t want you to have this random experience where I just post a ton of random products and hope that you find something you like among the clutter. Absolutely Not! I’ve used at least one product from each of these categories and I wanted your experience to organized. If you are a creator like me, you will find yourself within

  • Recommended Gifts under $50
  • Recommended Books for Motivation and Growth
  • Recommended Products for Healing & Meditation
  • Recommended Products to Start a YouTube Channel
  • Recommended Products for Podcasting
  • Recommended Products for Video Blogging

Whether you are looking for gifts for the holidays, special occasions, or just because, it’s nice to have some options that are under $50 for both men and women. All of the products I have included in this category are all under $50.

If you want to be successful and stay motivated in life, it is important to surround yourself with books that provide you with knowledge and help elevate you to be the best version of yourself. I have many of the books I have included in this category and even though these books are not included in the gift category, they make excellent gifts for adding value to yourself and/or your loved ones.

I know with how busy some of us are, it may be beneficial to also provide you with options for audiobooks. Amazon offers you a free trial and then you can decide whether or not you’d like to subscribe if this option works best for you. Click the link below to try Audible Plus.

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Below you find several books designed for motivation and growth.

As you probably know by now, I refer to myself as a “Purple Healer” and what that means is I teach people how to heal using their own internal energy. Meditation is a powerful tool that we all have the capability of using. Below you will find products that will help guide you through healing yourself and others, meditation and manifestation so that you can always reach high vibrations and peace.

“Align your mind and your body with your goals in life and you will truly achieve Purple Growth” – Destini Taylor