The Life of a Savage


Take the TIME to Understand the White Lies…

I was so hurt when I wrote those words. This poem is one of many White Lies that I told myself because I was tired of giving my all to end up with less than nothing in return, but let’s think for a moment. I know when I wrote this poem I had reached a breaking point. When you invest so much time into a person, it feels detrimental when things don’t work out quite the way you expect them to.

Put the EFFORT into Recognizing the Purple Truths…

The Purple Truth of the matter is I allowed myself to be taken advantage of. I was allowing people to be around me and not add value to my life. This is one of many situations regarding my life that I will take you through. I’ve never been the type of woman to place blame on others for what I allowed to occur. Obviously you can see that I took the alternative route when I wrote this poem. I chose to be angry and appear cold knowing fully well all I wanted at that moment was reciprocity. I just wanted to feel kindness, love, and a glimpse of the beautiful moments I had contributed. I am not a savage, nor have I ever been. This was not my life I was describing. Instead, it was my interpretation of someone else’s.

Take ACTION to Change Your Circumstances

If someone cannot reciprocate the T.E.A. (Time, Effort, Action) that you put into him or her, my advice to you would be to choose yourself first. Only you can understand the magnitude of your experience. If that experience deems to be unhealthy and you find yourself more distraught than you are happy, it leaves you with a decision to make so go ahead and make it.

The Conversation

This song was written in October 2017 and was released October 23, 2019, which is this 7 year anniversary of my father’s death. The first experience that this song derives from was when I was only seven years old. The experiences are best described in a blog that I wrote titled “Conquering Obstacles.”

I Am Random

Hello world and thank you for taking the time to come see me. Well, you can’t actually see me so instead let me say thank you for taking the time to read me. I mean I hope that’s what you’re doing. So here’s the thing. I don’t always appear organized to the public eye because I just say and/or do things as they come to me, but BELIEVE me, I am indeed organized. I’m just extremely random and ridiculous. I live in love and light and I’m basically what you would call an optimist. That doesn’t mean I don’t have days that are annoying. It simply means that I don’t dwell on things. I focus more on solutions. Prime example, this is the SECOND, yes second time that I created this website. Let’s not even go into why it’s the second time. The point of the matter is, I went to the website and discovered that Ummm… it was not there. I was frustrated for about eight minutes and then moved on. Being frustrated about something that had already happened was not going to fix the problem. The only thing that fixed the problem was me taking action and guess what? Now I am here talking to you guys.

Well if you’re reading this today, you’ll notice that there’s not a lot to see on my website right now, but just stay along for the ride and watch the magic happen. Well… that’s what we are going for because I’m building this website by myself. So get excited guys!!! Welcome to the blog of the Official Destini Taylor, or I could have just said ME lol…