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I wrote the song “Bust Down” about four years ago. I encouraged a friend of mine to go to a videoshoot that I found for her on craigslist. After a lot of encouragement she finally went and met a rapper/producer named Swisha. A few weeks later she invited me to the studio he records at for the opportunity to sing. I was so happy to go to the studio and even more excited that she had thought of me. We arrived a little bit later than we were supposed to and I apologized to her boyfriend for the tardiness because I wanted to be respectful of his time. He accepted my apology and we got to work. I can’t remember all of the people that were in the studio, but it was definitely a vibe. Collectively, the engineers, her boyfriend and I came up with the title “Bust Down” and I embraced the opportunity to do something different.

You see I am always writing ballads and love songs and this gave me an opportunity to expand my sound musically, a challenge I’m always open to. I started writing the song from beginning to end inside of the studio and it was time to record. I killed it! I made this song exclusively for the love of my life. Instead of the term “Bust Down” being used as something negative or inappropriate, my concept made it okay to be creatively open and flirtatious with your man. “Bust Down” for me meant “Come Through” for this love I have for you and only you. Everyone in the studio seemed to be so supportive and happy about the track, well almost everyone.

The events that took place that evening changed the dynamic of our friendship. This wasn’t the first encounter where I felt completely humiliated and disrespected and unfortunately, it would not be the last. I covering up the purple truths of the relationship for years and as time progressed, it became harder and harder to paint it with white lies.

My subconscious came to a breaking point and eventually I would come to recognize the breadcrumbs it had been leaving for me. I’ve learned that you can’t elevate when you are in denial, when you surround yourself with white lies, when you refuse to believe what people are showing you. However, at this point in time my mindset had not elevated enough to learn this lesson, but my subconscious knew better. As more situations took place I began to pay closer attention to my subconscious interventions.

I included this situation in my audiobook “White Lies, Purple Truths: Behind the Music” because of the impact it had on me. If you want to know more details of this story and listen to my song “Bust Down,” you can subscribe to my podcast by clicking the link below:

WLPT: Behind the Music_Episode 1_Bust Down: The Studio

It is important that you understand your purpose in life and surround yourself with energy that is supportive of your purpose. When people show you who they are and lack the reciprocity required to meet you on your level, you must believe them and make the appropriate adjustments for your life.

Just because certain people are not meant to be on your life path, does not make them bad people, it just means that you are your first priority and anything not conducive with your happiness, your well-being and your purpose must be removed in order for you to be the best version of yourself. You have to decide whether or not you want to be stagnant, or grow. I was stagnant for years until I removed any and everything that did not fulfill my purpose. I learned the Purple Lesson because I wanted to grow.

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